The Body and Story

Led by Ewan Downie

Both our movement and speech are easily trapped in habitual patterns. And although speech comes from the body, we often think of speaking and moving as separate.

But speech is movement. Words come from the body and affect the body. The body contains stories. The body tells stories.

In this workshop we’ll work with movement, story, memory and myth to break out of the cage of habit. We’ll awaken our impulses and imaginations, and let the body speak and words dance.

The Body and Story is open to actors, performers, poets, singers, artists, writers, directors and anyone who is interested in embodied creativity.

To apply, please fill in this online form.

This workshop is offered as part of a larger project supported by Creative Scotland.

About Ewan

Ewan is an acclaimed writer, director, performer and teacher with a lifelong interest in creativity and human behaviour.

He spent 2004-2012 immersed in the Polish Laboratory Theatre tradition, including 6 years as a member of Poland’s renowned Song of the Goat Theatre, with whom he toured internationally.He is currently joint artistic director of Company of Wolves, and has directed all of the company’s work to date.

Ewan has studied and taught improvisation, movement and experimental theatre since 1993.